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At Video Games Express, our passionate employees are not only vendors but avid gamers as well. We know the one thing each gamer loves more than actual gaming is getting an amazing deal. For this reason, we pride ourselves on offering the lowest prices in Columbus, OH. True gamers do not belong to a certain generation or technology; they simply appreciate fantastic play. As such, we offer deals on next-gen consoles (PS4, Xbox One), old-gen platforms (PS3, Xbox 360), and retro devices (NES, Atari, Sega).

Established in 1982, Video Games Express has lived through the early stages of gaming. We have witnessed both technology and gamer evolving in beautiful and astounding ways. Because hardware and software are constantly improving, our business model strives to meet modern demands. We supply physical copies of new and pre-owned games, but we recognize that digital media is slowly replacing plastic cases.

Rather than discs, we sell digital codes for you to download content directly to your console. Gone are misplaced games and scratched, unreadable CDs. Now you can enjoy interactive media with immediacy and efficiency. Best of all, you can always re-download lost content in the event of hardware malfunction. Instead of saying goodbye to a “stuck” disc, you can heartily savor gaming innovation.

Visit Video Games Express, and get more game for your buck. We accept all major credit cards and promise to astonish you with affordable, competitive prices.

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