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To the sentimental gamer, very few moments measure up to the first time you unwrap a fresh game from its plastic seal. As if you were lifting the lid to buried treasure, the mere feeling of popping out a disc from a fresh case is utter bliss. Nonetheless, we live in a day and age where such luxuries run second place to frugality and convenience. At Video Games Express, we cater to both proud original copy owners and cost-aware collectors. Relish in mint gaming, or buy multiple used titles at a similar price!

With over 33 years of experience in the gaming industry, our excellent staff understands the importance of all types of tech. Whether handhelds or consoles, we strive to place the right gaming system in your hands. If you are a proud gamer and parent, you may want a more kid-friendly device like the Nintendo Wii or Wii-U. Timeless classics like Super Mario Bros. always manage to bring joy to children of all generations.

For competitive and mature gamers, the PS3 and Xbox 360 offer endless fighting and first-person shooting titles. Playstation 3 owners also enjoy free membership in addition to console-exclusive content. Next generation gamers are a new breed of consumer, demanding versatile functionality from their devices. Our PS4s and Xbox Ones are an all-in-one experience, adhering to voice command and allowing users to stream movies and television shows with just a few words.

Of course, our awesome customers come to our store specifically for our booming video game selections. We provide the best in current and retro gaming, and we only offer premium products. Rather than getting a typical used copy of an old title, choose from our fine collection of “Game of the Year” winners, which includes free downloadable content in addition to the physical disc. You can also resell games with little replay value and profit from those plastic cases that are gathering dust and occupying space.

Drop by Video Games Express, and buy quality video games in Columbus, OH. Get an extra 10% off on used games, and truly benefit from your hard-earned dollars.

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